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6 House Repairs That Require Immediate Action

According to a recent survey, just 55 percent of Americans would handle a repair right away. What begins as a minor issue can quickly turn into a very expensive disaster if you put it off. As any homeowner can attest, your house is an investment that continuously requires more capital with unexpected home repairs continuing to pop up.

These are some of the most important home repairs that need immediate attention:

Foundation Issues

Your home is only as strong as its foundation. Foundation issues create a risk to the safety of everyone in the house and should be treated as a top priority. Small problems with your home’s foundation will eventually turn into larger issues and only continue to become worse. Furthermore, foundation issues can lead to roof damage and leaking, structural issues, plumbing problems, water damage, mold and insect infestation, and much worse!

Outdated Electrical System

Most people don’t give much thought to what’s behind their walls. However, outdated or faulty electrical wiring is a safety hazard and can lead to fire risks. Home electrical problems contribute to  an estimated 53,600 fires each year, according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International. These fires cause more than 500 deaths and 1,400 injuries, and account for more than $1.4 billion in property damage.

Damaged Roofing

If your roof is missing a number of shingles or beginning to sag in any area, fix it NOW. Your roof is among the most critical  things to repair. Are there water spots on your ceiling? If so, it’s important to assess the leak and have it repaired immediately. Not doing so could result in mold growth, structure damage, electrical damage, water damage, and many more costly issues.

Water Leaks & Plumbing Issues

If you have any potential water damage, do not put off the repair! Unwanted water will wreak havoc on your house. Even a small leak that you’ve noticed is probably causing damage that you can’t see. And if it’s your plumbing that’s leaking, you’re potentially going to spend a lot more on your water bill every month until you’ve taken action, not to mention the other damage it might cause.

Overgrown Trees

Trees are a great addition to any yard, but just make sure they don’t grow too close to your house. Trees are very heavy and not taking care of your trees could very well contribute to  a massive hole in your roof from falling branches. Additionally, tree roots can cause major foundation issues if they grow underneath the house and expand as they search for the nearest water source.

Mold Infestations

What starts as a mild or manageable infestation of mold can quickly spiral out of control and potentially put your entire house at risk. Whether it is the ever-present shower mold or a more “toxic” mold, it’s important to be preemptive and treat any mold aggressively, as it can cause various health issues or reactions to the human body and only becomes more expensive to repair over  time.


Termites are bad news for homeowners and can cause severe damage as they feed on the wood that makes up the structure of your house. Signs of termite damage include wood that bucks, floors starting to swell, and visible termite mazes in your furniture and walls. Termites can have a major impact on the integrity, stability, and safety of your property. Take action before you have a house that simply becomes unlivable.

More than 30 percent of homeowners don’t have money set aside for home repairs and improvements. Not attending to these repairs could cause substantial damage in the long run, creating an unpleasant living environment and causing you to lose a significant amount of  equity in your home. While the financial benefits of owning a home are considerable, they do come with the major obligation of maintenance that cannot be overlooked.

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