Client Testimonials
I was ready to give up on life until I met these two.
I thank God for them… they literally saved my life.
Client Testimonials
Everyone else was trying to run a game on me.
I found these two guys and I wouldn’t have sold my house to anyone else.
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Client Testimonials

People are talking about Stone Property Buyers

"I went through several we-buy-houses people and it seemed like everyone was trying to run a game on me. I found these two guys and I wouldn’t have sold my house to anyone else."
Ruby - Garland, TX
"It was a painless process all the way through. I got a great read on you guys from the start and it’s been wonderful working with you. You’ve restored my faith in business people."
Woodie - Royse City, TX
"After my wife’s father passed, it was very difficult for her to let go of the house. You guys treated the situation with great care and ultimately saved the property from decay beyond repair."
Bob - Mesquite, TX
"I chose to work with you guys, because you took the time to get to know me, my family, and my situation. Everyone else just tried to put a hard sell on us, and I’m so thankful I found you."
Helen - Granbury, TX
"I met with a number of investors and chose you guys. You worked with me throughout the process of dealing with missing heirs and gave us a very fair offer for the house. Thank you!"
Juan - Centerville, TX
"My health complicated the issue. These gentlemen went so far as to call my health insurance company with me to solve the problem I had with them. You were literally a gift from God."
Mary - Oak Cliff, TX
Client Testimonials

We solved their real estate problems!


Everyone else was trying to run a game on me. I found these two guys and I wouldn’t have sold my house to anyone else.

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Ruby - Garland, TX
Everyone else was trying to run a game on me.
I found these two guys and I wouldn’t have sold my house to anyone else.
Ruby - Garland, TX
"I’m over 65 and disabled. You helped me do everything from getting my birth certificate to taking me to the appraisal office. I now call you ‘friend’ and highly recommend your services."
Vicki - Dallas, TX
"I had out-of-control property taxes and didn’t know where to turn. You guys brought me comfort when I needed it the most and found a way to buy our house when no one else would."
Cynthia - Rowlett, TX
"I can’t thank you enough! This information has literally been a life changer for my family. You know more than anyone else I’ve talked with and you truly want to help me first and foremost."
Barbara - Seagoville, TX
"You presented me with all of my options and I’m so thankful you found a way for me to stay in my house. I thought you just wanted to buy it for pennies on the dollar!"
Zach - Desoto, TX
"You guys are awesome! You found ways to overcome any obstacles that blocked us from closing on the property. I literally don’t think I could have done this with anyone else."
Dustin - Rockwall, TX
"I regret not working with [Stone Property Buyers]. Another company told me what I wanted to hear. I’ve lost my house to foreclosure and don’t know where to move my family."
Miguel - Wylie, TX
Jackie - Dallas, TX
I was behind on payments and owed more than the house was worth.
I didn’t think I had any way out, but you guys found a way—I am forever thankful!
Jackie - Dallas, TX
"You showed me much care in my time of need and it truly means the world. You’re both great guys and I’d recommend anyone I know to work with you. Thank you so much!"
Yvonne - Dallas, TX
"My loan modification failed days before the auction like you said it might. I thought I would lose my house, but you guys found a way to buy it and help me get the equity out."
Frank - Waxahachie, TX
"You are the first I’ve talked with that has given me honest and good advice. I am excited to be able to stay in my house and that would not have been possible without you."
Julia -
"I worked with Cayce and he was extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy and he guided me throughout all the steps and information that I needed. Thank you."
Hamish - Celina, TX
"Super friendly and professional! Thank you!"
Angelita - Granbury, TX
"I couldn't have asked for a better experience when it came to closing. They were upfront and honest throughout the entire process and made closing extremely simple and convenient."
Tiger - Dallas, TX
"These guys truly want to help people, and walk beside you through your hard time. Cayce's guidance has given me peace of mind, and that is worth everything."
Jennifer - Mansfield, TX
"Morales and Stone seemed to be the most honest company we talked to. There was no pressure and I didn’t have to feel like I was being rushed about anything."
Vivian - McKinney, TX
Jesus - Greenville, TX
You always had my best interests at heart.
Though you didn’t end up buying my house, you still answered my house questions around my divorce.
Jesus - Greenville, TX
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