8 Reasons to Act Quickly if Facing Foreclosure

More than 85 percent of homeowners facing foreclosure NEVER reach out to anyone for help!! Foreclosure damages your credit for years. You should not delay in taking action to avoid it.

We call foreclosure "the atomic bomb of credit scars" because it cuts the deepest and lasts the longest. The truth is that foreclosure is the beginning of an 8-10 year nightmare that can involve:

  • Loss of your home equity

  • Eviction by the sheriff

  • Job and career limitations

  • Embarrassing creditor calls and battles

  • Deficiency judgments and lawsuits

  • Loan qualification challenges

  • IRS garnishing wages and income

  • Difficulty finding a new place to live

Time is truly of the essence. If you are facing foreclosure or even just behind on a few payments, it is important to act now. Our team can help save your home, preserve your equity, and protect your credit! We will walk through all your options and help find the best solution for your situation.

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